We offer an innovative architectural and interior design service for complex home modifications, home renovations and extensions that are needed as a result of such injuries as joint replacement, illness recovery, amputations and spinal cord injuries.

Our services offer a blend of interior design with rehabilitation requirements.

We will undertake an initial home visit to understand the participant’s physical needs, rehabilitation needs and equipment needs.  In conjunction with the Occupational Therapist review of the participant’s functional performance, we can then provide expertise with architectural and interior design to undertake design drawings and preparation of a scope of work and specifications.

We can manage the process of Development Applications with Local Councils and the procurement of Construction Certificates at design stage with Private Certifiers.

We can provide quality control services for you during construction to ensure your nominated builder is undertaking works in accordance with the certified design.

We can also review other architects design drawings and prepare a recommendations report that will increase functionality and usability for seniors, people with physical needs and people with sensory needs.