Interior design, preparation/analysis of design drawings of complex home modifications for people undergoing rehabilitation from injuries & surgery.


Interior design, preparation/analysis of design drawings of complex home modifications under the NDIS.




There are enormous strains being placed on the public hospital system and Medicare by elderly people (65 years and over) whom suffer injurious falls and require treatment.

Based on Table 3.2 of Hospitalizations due to falls by older people Australia 2009/10 prepared by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AWIS), there were 41,080 falls in households by people aged 65 and over that resulted in hospital stays.  What makes matters worse is that contemporary research indicates that there is a chances of falling again is highly likely.  Falls are one of the major factors in precipitating admission to residential aged care facilities (along with cognitive impairment and incontinence).  The costs to Medicare are enormous.

This trend is set to continue at levels never seen before as a result of the ageing of baby boomers.   In 2012, there were 4.5 million Australians over the age of 60 representing 19.6% of the population and by 2050, this percentage will increase to 28.9% (12 million).


Traditionally Allied Health Professionals do not speak the language of builders.  This has changed with the introduction of the NDIS.  Now Therapists are required to communicate with Builders in order to design and construct home modifications for their clients with disabilities.


Access Homes is an initiative of Morris Goding Access Consulting

As access consultants, Morris Goding Access Consulting has provided advice and certification for the design and construction of residential apartment developments to ensure compliant accessibility for persons with mobility impairments.

Our clients are numerous.  We have worked with the biggest and the best over and over again – Meriton, Mirvac, Australand, Lend Lease & Stockland.

Morris Goding Accessibility Consulting is expert in accessibility of the built environment. With origins in engineering, interior design, construction and human movement, the company has evolved to provide a specialist service to clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Countries and China.